Living Water

I recently stumbled upon a website by a preacher who promised untold riches of money, job promotions, and happiness. Was this just another false preacher twisting Scripture to say God intends for us to be rich all the days of our lives? This was much worse. He was talking about “magic water” he was selling … More Living Water

Quiet Revival

We long for a great revival to shake us to the core. We pray for God to move through our communities and families, but expectations of booming fanfare in the streets aren’t met. Some give in to the urge to isolate and pull away from a decaying society. Others point fingers and blame one group … More Quiet Revival

The Gift of Waiting

This post is dedicated to a friend I love dearly. Hang in there!  You’ve prayed and prayed and prayed your guts out for what seems like forever. Still nothing is resolved. The missing piece unfound. The desires of your heart not yet realized. The painful, agonizing waiting continues. And continues. At some point (no matter … More The Gift of Waiting