Legacy of Hope

No one has a perfect family tree. No matter how “put together” someone seems, there’s always a heritage of mistakes, regrets, and mysteries just waiting to be discovered. For some, it’s a legacy of substance abuse or other addictions. For others, it’s unbelief, greed, malice, selfishness, theft, or envy. No matter what’s in your family tree, … More Legacy of Hope

7 Pieces of Advice for Our Daughters (And Maybe You Too)

 When I was 15, God first planted a seed inside of my heart. He then watered it with life experiences, gifts, and a calling that later sprouted and grew to be bigger than anything I could’ve ever imagined. You, daughter of the King, are no different. God has placed in you a seed of purpose … More 7 Pieces of Advice for Our Daughters (And Maybe You Too)

The Power of Words

When I was in the 5th grade I entered into a school talent show. You remember those, right? Well, at the time I was obsessed with Debbie Gibson’s “Lost in Your Eyes” (don’t judge me) and I was desperate to prove my classmates wrong.  You see, all year long, there was this girl who declared … More The Power of Words

Our True Identity

Due to an endocrine disorder, I was never supposed to be able to have children. In those years of heartbreak, waiting, and never-ending disappointments, I made a decision: I was going to put my identity in Christ and not in motherhood. When I surrendered my life to Jesus, my identity changed. 6 For we know that … More Our True Identity

No Trespassing

Recently, on a beautiful sunny day, I was driving down a winding country road trying to take a short cut to somewhere I needed to be 5 minutes prior. Yeah. It was that kind of a day. Anyway, as I approached a curve in the road, I saw a row of large trees bordering the … More No Trespassing