Quiet Revival

We long for a great revival to shake us to the core. We pray for God to move through our communities and families, but expectations of booming fanfare in the streets aren’t met. Some give in to the urge to isolate and pull away from a decaying society. Others point fingers and blame one group … More Quiet Revival

Selling Jesus

Somewhere along the way, the Body of Christ has bought into the lie that we must sell the risen Jesus to a skeptical world. I’ve fallen into this trap so many times. I’ll get caught up trying to convince a hardened heart that God is real, Jesus saves, and the Holy Spirit can reach the … More Selling Jesus

Something Real

Someone said to me recently, “There’s always two sides to people.” The woman lived several states away, but I’ve heard her words before. She felt no one at her church was willing to be open and honest about their life, so she no longer felt welcome to be open and honest with them. She craved … More Something Real