Legacy of Hope

No one has a perfect family tree. No matter how “put together” someone seems, there’s always a heritage of mistakes, regrets, and mysteries just waiting to be discovered. For some, it’s a legacy of substance abuse or other addictions. For others, it’s unbelief, greed, malice, selfishness, theft, or envy. No matter what’s in your family tree, … More Legacy of Hope

Extra Grace Required

Recently, I was speaking with someone (or at least trying to) who was loud, obnoxious, and constantly interrupting.  In that moment, while she yelled about how I needed to do this or that, I was so glad that I prayed before walking through the door. Everyone has experienced a time where dealing with a difficult … More Extra Grace Required

As White as Snow

This past weekend we’ve received historic amounts of snow.  I’m sore in places that I didn’t know I had from shoveling over 2 feet of snow from my driveway and 3 foot piles of snow in front of my mail box. This sudden snowmageddon has been the culmination of a long month of cleaning out … More As White as Snow


A few years ago, one of my cousins suddenly stopped responding to all emails and voice mail messages.  He lived with his elderly mother, my great-aunt, in her house in another state. In spite of what seemed like “normal” sounding excuses, several months go by with still no contact. We called a local sheriff in their … More Forgiveness