Dear Weary Moms


Moms are busy.

I’m homeschooling three daughters, writing, serving in ministry at my church, finishing classes to be a licensed minister with the Assemblies of God and, as if I had all of this extra time on my hands, we also have a 4-month-old teething puppy.

In spite of the mom superpower (a.k.a. multitasking), having to juggle a full plate is hard.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what I do and wouldn’t trade it for the world. But weariness can trick our mind into thinking we’re either doing too much or too little.

And just like many of you, at night when the dog is snoring his little head off and my kids are (hopefully) sleeping and not playing in their beds, I wonder if I’m doing enough.

I sometimes worry that I should’ve signed them up for yet another activity or class or something to give them an extra skill for their future life as an adult human.

I mean, am I raising a couple of jerks or smart, kind, and Jesus-loving women who will set the world on fire for God?

But then, God has a way of correcting my perspective.

Last Wednesday night, I had the honor of leading worship for our student ministry. That night, several students surrendered their life to Christ.

One of those was our oldest daughter.

Suddenly, God spoke to my heart:

Weary mom, well done.

Then His wisdom hit me like a clap of thunder.

Our ultimate purpose as parents aren’t to overflow our kid’s schedule with activities. We’re called to raise the next generation to live a life that honors God.

God immediately flushed my mind with scenes of blasting Toby Mac and Hollyn in the car while our girls sing along, bringing our girls to worship rehearsals, praying over our meals, teaching them to give, reading Scripture with them, and telling them about God’s love and sovereignty.

He says to my weary mom heart:

This is enough.


God was reminding me that activates aren’t the problem. Too many are.

And I was on the verge of crowding out God from our girls’ attention when they’re on the verge of deciding who they’ll become and who they’ll follow.

For all the weary moms out there who feel like they haven’t done enough, be encouraged.

Don’t give the enemy of our souls a foothold by crowding out God from our schedules.

If you’re teaching and leading your kids to live a life that honors God, you’re doing more than enough.

Beloved, well done, good and faithful servant!

Well done.

2 thoughts on “Dear Weary Moms

  1. Shhhh, listen carefully. Do you hear the unanimous SIGH coming from every busy mom reading this? Thanks, Shelly for putting into words what all the mamas need to hear: this is enough. YOU are enough and Jesus is enough.
    I’m praying God blesses you, your family, and ministry.

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    1. Thank you so much Beckie. I am so excited for our daughter! I pray every mom who reads this realizes they don’t have to conform to the patterns of this world by adding more and more stuff to their kid’s day to achieve “success.” But, renew their mind and strength in the Most High God who is seeking a relationship with our children the same as He is seeking and pursuing us. I pray I never get in the way of God’s pursuit of my kids!

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