Root of the Problem

Last year, we were so focused on doing projects inside of our fixer upper, it was well into July before I started working on a particular section of our yard. Big mistake. By the time I started pulling out and cutting back all of those unwanted vines and shoots, it was so overwhelming that I … More Root of the Problem

Something Real

Someone said to me recently, “There’s always two sides to people.” The woman lived several states away, but I’ve heard her words before. She felt no one at her church was willing to be open and honest about their life, so she no longer felt welcome to be open and honest with them. She craved … More Something Real

Extra Grace Required

Recently, I was speaking with someone (or at least trying to) who was loud, obnoxious, and constantly interrupting.  In that moment, while she yelled about how I needed to do this or that, I was so glad that I prayed before walking through the door. Everyone has experienced a time where dealing with a difficult … More Extra Grace Required