Speak Light

Last year, on an uneventful evening, our power suddenly went out.  Of course, our young daughters were freaking out over being plunged into total darkness (the arch nemesis of anyone under the age of 8).  In the midst of crying and screaming, my husband frantically grabbed our phones for the flashlight function. We live in … More Speak Light

The Power of Words

When I was in the 5th grade I entered into a school talent show. You remember those, right? Well, at the time I was obsessed with Debbie Gibson’s “Lost in Your Eyes” (don’t judge me) and I was desperate to prove my classmates wrong.  You see, all year long, there was this girl who declared … More The Power of Words

Messy Abandonment

So much has changed in my life in the past few years. Both where and how I live is so unrecognizable today from what it used to be just a short time ago. My transformed life has not been about chasing dreams, selfish desires, or who I think I should be. My life has been … More Messy Abandonment