No Trespassing

Recently, on a beautiful sunny day, I was driving down a winding country road trying to take a short cut to somewhere I needed to be 5 minutes prior. Yeah. It was that kind of a day. Anyway, as I approached a curve in the road, I saw a row of large trees bordering the … More No Trespassing


A few years ago, one of my cousins suddenly stopped responding to all emails and voice mail messages.  He lived with his elderly mother, my great-aunt, in her house in another state. In spite of what seemed like “normal” sounding excuses, several months go by with still no contact. We called a local sheriff in their … More Forgiveness

His Hands and Feet

It was my birthday weekend and I had received several gift cards, so my family and I headed out to an outlet mall for the day. Turning into the parking lot we saw an African American man, probably in his 40’s, standing on the thin grassy median.  He looked hungry, cold, and like he had … More His Hands and Feet